Monitor Cassandra Clusters with Percona PMM - JMX Grafana and Prometheus

While reading this title you may think about what this guy is going to do? Its all about JMX exporter from prometheus and Grafana. Yes, its already implemented by many companies and Grafana has some cool dashboards. But as a DBA, in Searce we are managing many customers and all of them are using many types of databases. So from a DBA’s perspective to monitor all databases in one place is always a great thing right. If you are a MySQL DBA, then you must have heard about PMM. Its an awesome monitoring tool and its open source. Also it has Dashboards for Linux metrics, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

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MySQL PITR The Fastest Way With DevOps

Point In Time Recovery - is a nightmare for DBAs if the MySQL clusters are self managed. It was 10PM, after had my dinner I was simply watching some shows in YouTube. And my phone was ringing, the customer on other side. Due to some bad queries, one of the main table get updated without where clause. Then suddenly everyone joined the call and asking me to bring the data back. That day it took 6 to 8 Hours to bring the data. Yes, every DBAs will do one or two biggest mistakes. In my carrier I would say this was that day. So here is my MySQL PITR the fastest way with DevOps.

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RunDeck Series 2 - Add Nodes to the Rundeck

Add nodes to the Rundeck Server is very next step after installation. Here we are going to see adding Linux nodes to Rundeck. After Rudeck 3.0+ the resources.xml file will not create automatically. In previous versions, this file was automatically created while creating a project. We’ll node nodes details in this file. But in latest versions, it’s not creating automatically.

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Archive MySQL Data In Chunks Using Stored Procedure

In a DBA’s day to day activities, we are doing Archive operation on our transnational database servers to improve your queries and control the Disk space. The archive is a most expensive operation since its involved a huge number of Read and Write will be performed. So its mandatory to run the archive queries in chunks. The archive is depended on business use. Many of us need a copy of the data on an archive database to refer later. To perform the archive we can just simply run the delete query with the limit. But we need to run the query again and again until the matched rows count is 0. We can create a procedure to do this in a while loop. I have created one such procedure to archive many tables. 

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Internals Of Google DataStore And Technical Overview

Google Cloud Platform provides many varieties of solutions. In Data world particularly in NoSQL technology Google provides Datastore a highly scalable and availability solution with ACID capabilities. I have read a lot about the Google Datastore and its Internals. Here Im going to merge everything as a single blog post.

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MySQL supports three types for binlog format. For safer binlog based replication its recommended to use ROW based replication. But even though in some worst cases this leads to data inconsistency. Later MySQL came up with the concept of GTID (global transaction identifiers) which generates the unique binlog entries to avoid any data inconsistency. This feature supports in MySQL 5.6+. Percona MySQL Servers is also using the same structure of MySQL’s  GTID. But MariaDB GTID is bit different.

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Automatically Add EC2 Instances to Active Directory Domain

Windows Servers are in AWS will show some glitches in sometimes. My previous articleexplains how Windows Server 2016 had some issues with DNS Suffix and Forwarders. This time I got a chance to play around with PowerShell automations. The requirement is automatically add EC2 instances to Active directory domain during the instance launch. It might be an On Demand purpose ec2 or launched by an Auto scaling group.

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