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RStoolKit Results: Top size tables

You may or may not be monitoring your table’s growth in terms of size. Sometimes this table growth will consume almost all the available disk space. But you can add few more nodes to solve this issue, but pricing is the concern here.

Tip: Sometimes disk based queries also will consume more space, but when the query executed it’ll be reclaimed.

Find the top sized tables

-- Find the tables where size is 40% of your total storage
	pct_used >= 40

How to fix this problem:

This may not be the solution for everyone. Just adding an additional node will solve this. But if you are thinking about cost then you consider the below action items.

These tables are eligible for RedShift Spectrum

  1. RedShift unload
  2. Getting started with spectrum
  3. External tables - Simplifying Spectrum
  4. Vacuum and Analyze utility - Shell
  5. Vacuum and Analyze utility - Python
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