RunDeck Series 2 - Add Nodes to the Rundeck

Add nodes to the Rundeck Server is very next step after installation. Here we are going to see adding Linux nodes to Rundeck. After Rudeck 3.0+ the resources.xml file will not create automatically. In previous versions, this file was automatically created while creating a project. We’ll node nodes details in this file. But in latest versions, it’s not creating automatically.

2 min read

Archive MySQL Data In Chunks Using Stored Procedure

In a DBA’s day to day activities, we are doing Archive operation on our transnational database servers to improve your queries and control the Disk space. The archive is a most expensive operation since its involved a huge number of Read and Write will be performed. So its mandatory to run the archive queries in chunks. The archive is depended on business use. Many of us need a copy of the data on an archive database to refer later. To perform the archive we can just simply run the delete query with the limit. But we need to run the query again and again until the matched rows count is 0. We can create a procedure to do this in a while loop. I have created one such procedure to archive many tables. 

3 min read